Coaching women back to calm

Coaching high performance women to get back to calm and happiness as a way to empower them through emotional support, retreats and stress management techniques.

Do you think you need a break or are you ready to have something where you can ?

if you are ready to invest in that next level of feeling cared for, This is for you...

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About Jocelyn

My own journey has been diverse and filled with constant learning. From my educational background in economics and risk management to my experience as a spokesperson, financial planner, entrepreneur, and actor, I have embraced a life of continuous growth and exploration. I understand the challenges that come with a busy mind and a multitude of ideas, and I know the importance of having a support system of like-minded women who can remind you of your accomplishments, values, and endless possibilities.

As someone who is addicted to learning and growing every single year, building relationships, and pursuing business ventures I can honestly say my creativity and ability to enjoy the word no, has become one of my greatest assets.

My Journey

  • NYU BA in economics and Masters in Risk Management,
  • 2 years degree from the William Esper Acting Academy,
  • Spokesperson for (red carpet event), 
  • a stock trader, financial planner, wealth manager,
  • started multiple agencies including a financial and insurance agency, staffing agency,
  • two different type of dog brand businesses,
  • the pleasure of being in off-Broadway shows as the lead and pursuing an acting career. 

Given all of that, I have never stopped trying to grow, learn, and excel at new and exciting ventures.

Supporting Your Self Care

As one entrepreneur to another, we tend to have a busy brain and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all of those constant thoughts and ideas. What’s important is for you to have a support system of like-minded women around you, so whenever you question yourself or having a bad day or feel like giving up surround yourself with these women and they will remind you of all the accomplishments you have done, your values and the insight of where you’re going and all the possibilities. 

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves

– Thomas Edison

You Do You

There will always be people who don’t understand you from mentors, friends, husbands, boyfriends you name it! AND THAT’S OK !!!! Why? 

Because you keep growing, learning and doing YOU, while others stay in their safe life because of fear, while you have decided to fly free above the clouds and live a life of adventure, continuous growth and endless possibilities.

Take a moment to feel this, enjoy this and live this entrepreneurial life, that some call a dream🐾 aka on your terms. On your terms. Learn from the times you gave in to fear or failure ( lessons) because you are where you are because of all of it. Nothing like it!!!!

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